About Us

Angharad and Daniel - Portrait
Pictures by Skopta Photography: http://skopta.com/

Through their shared passion for classical music and the very best songs of the 70’s, Angharad & Daniel have been entertaining UK audiences since August 2017. They play their own compositions for classical piano and guitar, as well as pieces by famous composers, such as Bach and Chopin. In addition to their instrumental work, Angharad and Daniel regularly perform the greatest hits of the 1970’s, including disco classics by ABBA. To discover more about this dynamic duo, or to book them for your event, please contact either Daniel or Angharad via this website.

Angharad and Daniel will be performing at Burgh House on July the 1st, 7 pm. Tickets £10 on the door or £8 in advance online. The Belsize Children’s Choir will be beginning on Thursday September the 13th. Class spaces are limited so please contact us well in advance of term.